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Here's a quote from a satisfied client who became a friend:
"Rock photographers are a breed all their own. Mara Robinson is a part of that pedigree. She is a Rock Photographer.
Possessing the prophetic sense of placement, the ability to command mutable lighting, and the engineer’s superior angle, Mara captures an entire album’s worth of sound, pain, life and sweat in an instant. She sees those that are only heard. She has the tools, the respect, she commands the medium and the moment.
Musicians love Mara because she can do what genetics failed to do: make us look good."
— Eric Michael Sebastian Schulte, The Dreadful Yawns

Show 'em you're a rockstar (or just look like one)! Since day one, Mara Robinson Photography has been specializing in music photography, concert photography and band promo photography, and 10 years later it's still a major passion.

I look forward to your next photo shoot. Please get in touch and let's chat.

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